I’ve worked in the health industry for about 10 years now as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Through the years I have worked in many different areas and with different types of clientele. I have worked with the elderly, teenagers, and all ages in between. I have worked with neurological diagnoses, cardiac diagnoses, degenerative and traumatic orthopedic diagnosis. I spent all-day taking care of others and telling them how to be healthy.

As I worked, I became unhealthy. There was always bagels, donuts, and cookies in the break room. I didn’t have time or energy to go to the gym. I didn’t have time or energy to meal plan.

I started to feel like crap. I learned that the physical reality I was living was an accumulation of symptoms. I was NOT healthy. I suffered from Idiopathic Hypersomnia (a sleep disorder where I basically could fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime), Rosacea, intense PMS and cramping, infrequent bowel movements, high levels of stress and anxiety, frequent weight fluctuations, and more. 

I tried to maintain a healthy(ier) diet: I ate my vegetables, I often participated in “Meatless Monday”, I drank plenty of water. However, I didn’t acknowledge the other things I put into or onto my body and how those components contributed to my diagnoses. 

I knew I had to force a change. As I reduced my symptoms and healed where I could, I was eager to share what I had learned. I realized that as a Physical Therapist Assistant most of this knowledge was out of my scope of practice and not something that I could share with my current patients. So, I went back to the drawing board. 

Now, holding my Health Coaching Certification, I can combine that knowledge with my knowledge of anatomy and physiology gained from my years in therapy, I am ready to teach! I come with the knowledge that everyone is different. Each of our organs perform the same tasks (our livers filter, our hearts pump), yet everyone’s physical and emotional make up responds differently to outside influences and even processes a bit differently. We all have different support systems and different experiences that form our outlooks. We all need help to succeed in different ways. 

I come ready to help you find your own path to find the stability in life:

  • We will address the chaos in your body and in your life to help you begin to find the ability to feel more energy, have better moods, stabilize your weight, have less cravings, and feel better in your body.
  • We will build strength. Strength in your body through nutrients and physical activity that you can fit into your busy lifestyle. Also, strength in your mind that you have the willpower and empowerment to achieve your goals and desires. 
  • We will address the components in your life that pose a negative impact, whether that is the food you choose, the products you use, the time you don’t have, or the environment you are in. 
  • You will end empowered with the tools necessary to change the components that you can change, and the ability to address the things you cannot with a sense of calm and appreciation. 

If you are ready to feel empowered, ready to change the way you feel in your body, then I invite you to schedule a call to so we can get clear on your concerns, and see how I can best help you. work best for you.