The healthcare world, as we know it, is changing.

It’s no longer about sacrificing yourself or being a bad-ass that can power through 5 shifts in a row.

It’s not about working your fingers to the bone while you are stressed to the max, missing your meals, and starting to resent the same people that you got into this profession to help.

What it’s really about is putting your health first and being a better example for our patients.

It’s about finding time to enjoy your family, your friends, your spouse. And still having time left for you.

As my client, you will learn the fundamentals and tactics I’ve learned over the past 10+ years working in physical therapy, my time as a health coach, and trial and error in my own life,  plus strategies for overcoming fatigue, burnout and connecting with your body again.

I’ll break them down for you in simple, easy-to-use action steps so you can see how simple they are to implement in your own life. 

Are you ready for that shift?

What is a Health Coach?

Free advice is everywhere. How to eat. What to eat. How to exercise. Do this for “optimal energy.” We’ve all seen these posts and articles. And most of us have experienced a doctor or medical professional telling us that we have to make a lifestyle change or “suffer the consequences.” Well that’s all fine and good, but who of us can do it alone? Even when we have support from friends and family, they may not know how best to support you. Despite their best intentions they start to nag, criticize, or just plain get “fed up.”

That’s where a Health Coach comes in! Health Coaches use evidence-based skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to engage clients in lasting behavior changes to address health and wellness goals.

As your Health Coach, I will address your mind and body as a whole. I will listen carefully and help you sort through contradictory nutritional advice. I will help you determine and navigate a path toward health that fits with your goals and your life NOW. We will examine barriers and learn methods to overcome and achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.